Achieving the Sporty Look


Our new Adidas line (ranging from $150-$345) offers more of a sporty feel with a band connecting in the back available and can be customized to whatever specific use it has, with removable prescription lenses being put in and different clips to fit on your nose as well as being more able to fit inside a helmet. This is very convenient and relevant for motorcyclist, tour de tucson bikers, or just any athlete or sport enthusiast.


is another brand we carry that includes inserts, but is a little less interchangeable than the Adidas line. With the removable lenses, different colors, and versatility these sporty sunglasses and eye -glasses are very popular. Our office can prescribe specialized eyewear to protect your eyes at work or at play. Specialty frames and prescription or non-prescription lenses are available for:


At Work

Work: Nearly 2000 workers in the United States have a work related eye injury each day.  About 30% of these injuries require emergency care.  Up to 2% of these eye injuries cause permanent blindness.  Safety glasses, safety goggles and other face and respiratory protection should be used when working in industrial jobs, healthcare, janitorial, lab work, animal handling and other potentially harmful occupations.



More than 42,000 sports related eye injuries each year require a visit to the emergency room.  About 13,500 sports related eye injuries each year result in permanent loss of vision.  The following sports have the highest rate of injuries; baseball/softball, ice hockey, raquet sports (tennis, badminton, raquetball), basketball and paintball.  Up to 90% of sports related eye injuries may be prevented with protective eye wear.

Swimming, Cycling, & Skiing

Light but durable frames for prescription lenses help protect your eyes from the harsh conditions of the Sonoran desert. Adaptable frames simplify prescription changes so that safety of your eyes is maintained at all times. Anti-fog coating and side ventilation preserve vision so that your game remains on point.