Frames Matter

Frames make a huge difference in your optics, and your overall satisfaction with your glasses. We sometimes are frustrated by new patients who come in, and have never been told ‘no’ on frames that did not fit them. By the time we see them, they are frustrated, have headaches, or generally are just “making do” with their look. We’re not just frame stylists: we’re trained opticians who have all been in the industry for a long time. We will find frames that are made to fit your unique face with your prescription – and nobody else’s. We take into consideration a huge variety of factors: face shapes, current trends, lifestyle decisions, aesthetics, ideal optics, functionality, and your own sense of style. To do that , we carry about about fifty different brands and thousands of frames in the office.

Frame Warranty

We guarantee your frames are free from defects. If any part of your frame or lenses break, under normal wearing conditions, within one year from the date of purchase, return all parts and we will repair or replace it at no charge. Replacement of plastic lenses purchased with an extra scratch coating, antireflective coating, polarization or polycarbonate  is limited to once in a 12 month period. Lens replacement must be in the original prescription. Limited warrantee does not cover: loss, theft, accident, abuse, CR/39 lenses or glass lenses. Some limitations apply.

Petite Adults’ Frames

If you have always had a hard time finding frames that fit your face, but don’t have Saturday morning cartoons on them, you should come by our office. We carry a wide variety of petite frames from various manufacturers, including the luxury brands, designer brands, and basic frame manufacturers. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to fitting frames, so we always make sure to have frames that fit all our patients.

Luxury Brands Exclusive
to Arizona Primary Eye Care in Tucson

Gold-plated sunglasses by Sama Measuring tools for Tom Davies Glasses Frames by Tom Davies Frames by Tom Davies Frames by Tag Heuer Frames by Tag Heuer


Sama brand frames are a favorite of hollywood celebrities, ranging from . They are designed in Italy and manufactured in Japan. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Elton John, Gary Oldman, Rihana, Cher, the Royal Family of Monaco, U2, Bon Jovi. Sama donates certain portion of their profits to the Sam Vance Foundation, an organization which works to prevent drug abuse and help addicts recover from their additions. They use a variety of precious materials such as Svarovski crystals, titanium, gems, and so on.

Beyond all of this, Sama frames are known for being extremely comfortable. That’s probably why so many celebrities like wearing them: Comfortable fashion with a cause.

Tag Heuer Optics

Tag. is a brand that prides itself on precision and strength of materials. It uses unusually strong, surgery-strength metals. Its hinges borrow technology that was originally developed to create their world-famous watches. They are patent-holders on a variety of unique technologies, including the 27-degree hinge. The rubber is made from recycled Formula 1 tires. All Tag. frames are made in France. Their watches use alligator skin, calf skin, carbon fiber, titanium, leather, snakeskin, and other luxury materials.

Tom Davies

Tom Davies frames specialize in highly-customizable frames. Tom Davies can make whatever changes you need to make to have the perfect frames for your face. They offer two types of customizable frames:

Tom Davies’ Bespoke frames take a frame that we have in the office, and is customized to your specification in a variety of ways: bridge size, temple size, and even changes to the basic frame. We can change the color and style, as well.

Tom Davies’ Couture frames are frames that have been made for you, essentially from scratch. Every part of the frame has been customized to fit your face.

Luxury Brand Frames

Some of our Gold & Wood frame collection Silhouette's Titan Minimal Art rimless, hingeless glasses Colorful, comfortable frames by LaFont LaFont

Gold and Wood

A high-fashion, eco-friendly brand that uses all raw materials in a humane and sustainable way. Their dyes are vegetable-based, the buffalo horn is harvested from their naturally-shed horns, and a variety of wood types are harvested from sustainable farms. They also use a variety of precious materials such gold and real diamonds.


LaFont are a favorite of the Arizona Primary Eye Care staff. They are a family-owned company. They are designed and manufactured in France, and they use a variety of really fun colors and designs. Every frame is its own small piece of artwork. In addition to being very nice designs, they are also very well-manufactured, feel very comfortable, and sturdy.


Pro-Design is a Danish company, whose frames cover an unusually wide variety of designs. They also have some really unique hinges, colors, and styles. They’ve won a variety of awards related to the technology they use to make their frames. They’re particularly great for people who want very bright, bold colors. You can get heavy, retro shapes, and bright, bold colors while keeping a classic, clean look. One of their lines, called Eco.Friendly line, is 100% biodegradable, and made mostly of cotton, even though it looks and feels like wood.


Silhouette is another favorite of the APEC staff. We carry three of their rimless lens collections: Titan Next Generation, Titan Minimal Art, and Titan Harmony. The vast majority of their frames are rimless frames, and have polarized sun clips available. They are incredibly lightweight and of excellent quality.

Their most popular and famous line is the Titan Minimal Art, which are made of titanium and are completely hingeless. The other Titan designs are also quite minimal. They have  Like LaFont, it is a family-owned Austrian company.

Designer Frames

Michael Kors Nike Rampage Ray Ban Ray Ban Wayfarers Folded Ray Ban Wayfarers Versace Versace

We have a huge variety of well-known designer brands. The Broadway location has the largest display room, and our office in Douglas carries brands such as Coach and Guess. If you need one of the frames sent from Broadway to Douglas, we can get it to you very quickly. Other frame styles that we don’t happen to have on location can be ordered as well.

  • Adidas
  • BCBG
  • Coach
  • Dolce-Gabanna
  • Guess
  • IZOD
  • Jessica McClintock
  • Jhane Barnes
  • Kate Spade
  • Kensie
  • Lacoste
  • Michael Kors
  • Nike
  • Rampage
  • Ray Ban
  • Versace

Essentials-Only Frames

In addition to our fashion and designer manufacturers, we carry many more reasonably-priced frames. Although our more basic frames don’t boast the fancy labels of the fashion and designer frames, we make sure that every frame is of excellent quality. All of our frames come with a one-year warranty, and for the life of the frame, we will make any necessary adjustments of fixes we can in-house.