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Patient Forms and Process

All office forms are available to fill out at home! Avoid wasting time and get straight to your appointment or exam. Two charts are available: a repeat customer or new patient. Some questions you’ll be asked are: “Do you need an exam?”, “What glasses do you use currently?”, “Do you have a prescription?”, “How old are your glasses?”, “Are they used on a day to day basis?”, “What type of job are they being used for?”, and “What type of style are you leaning towards?”.

Your answers will all be factors that tie into your appointment. If you are not familiar with the usual process or don’t know exactly you need just give us a call!

Types of Payment Accepted

Cash Visa cards accepted American Express cards accepted Personal checks accepted Discover cards accepted MasterCards accepted
We accept cash, personal checks, American Express®, MasterCard®, Visa®, and Discover®.